How Anti Helps
Anti has started a war against this evil practice of dowry. In various public assemblies and in private gatherings, Mr. Sawhney has spoken against dowry. He particularly addresses the in-laws to whose house the newly married girl goes. The girl, he says, “should be treated as a daughter. She is not a commodity. The in-laws should not pressurize their son to ask for dowry. This practice in not at all a civilized custom.”

Pledge Against Taking Dowry
To save women against dowry, Anti encourages youths and young men to pledge against accepting dowry. The results have been remarkable.

Anti took some practical steps to take necessary measures towards the realization of the existence of this social evil in our society by breaking culture of silence, promoting positive dialogue and organizing activities to involve youth in the process of advocating the message.

Anti while addressing youth as the main audience also keeps in focus other interest groups such as parents, policy-makers & in particular media. The major components of Anti are Lobbying, Communication (TV, print, web, Mehfil), Research and Training. For achieving its goals Anti utilizes the tools of Advocacy, Sensitization and awareness raising through its different activities among the target group audience.

Anti started its research on Dowry law after various consultative processes and research Towards the end of this year Anti also plans to offer legal advice on dowry related issues.

The activities that are carried out under the banner of Anti are Research on dowry cases, training to the bride and groom to fight against dowry, networking and community awareness sessions are the key activities of FAD which are meant to facilitate it in achieving its objectives.

Anti aims to stimulate a thinking process by sensitization and creating awareness against the institutional practice of dowry and dowry violence in India and in abroad.


  • To investigate and identify perceptions, attitudes, practices in connection with dowry i.e. why people demand dowry.
  • To inform primarily youth and students about the social, economic, psychological and health hazards of dowry and dowry violence i.e. bride is not a commodity, which can be used in any manner.
  • To provide legal help against dowry threats.
  • To engage mass media in promotion and dissemination of awareness against repercussions of dowry.
  • To lobby for various reforms with the various levels of government.
  • Organize and mobilize students and parents against dowry.
  • To aware people regarding consequences of dowry, online and offline.
  • To establish a network of activities working to fight the practice of dowry across India.

Anti Implementation Techniques

– Communication (mass media, interpersonal, e-communication)

  • Lobbying (law enforcing agencies, health professionals, journalism)
  • Youth involvement (interactive dialogues, awareness sessions, signature campaign, message bags)
  • Other stake holders involvement (parents, teachers, religious leaders, opinion makers)
  • Research
  • Training
  • Legal advisory service

Anti Associates

– Youth

  • Media
  • All stake holders

Anti Supporters

– Youth

  • Media
  • All stake holders

Anti Development Issues
Women, Gender, Youth.

Our Gender Focus

Anti will keep in focus both the genders and will identifying the gender gaps present. Our activities will be gender friendly and will utilize gender analysis, which provides important indicators of gender needs. The project will also identify and provide unique opportunities and activities to influence both men and women hence working towards gender equity. Anti will make both genders the need of awareness against dowry.

Anti provides a platform to cater the growing interest of the youth and organizations to play their part in making a difference to fight against dowry.

You can also be a part of that network by filling in the form.

Other Ways To Be A Part Of Change

  • Writing for Anti .
  • Being an Anti advocate.
  • Contribute a piece of prose or poetry on the issue of Dowry violence.
  • You can provide legal or medical help to Dowry and Dowry violence victims.
  • Be a supporting pillar through cash or kind in our activities.


Research students/organizations can benefit by contacting Anti for accessing the research material on dowry violence by filling out the form for research.

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